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She is a former schoolteacher whose bitter, loveless life causes her to despise her husband and to invest all of her love in her favorite child, Jewel, rather than in the rest of her family or God. Anse Bundren The head of the Bundren family. Anse is a poor farmer afflicted with a hunchback, whose instincts are overwhelmingly selfish.

Anse bundren essay help

Addie Bundren, the wife of Anse Bundren and the matriarch of a poor southern family, is very ill, and is expected to die soon. Shortly after Darl and Jewel leave, Addie dies. With some help, Cash completes the coffin just before dawn. A funeral service is held on the following day, where the women sing songs inside the Bundren house while the men stand outside on the porch talking to each other.

Darl, who narrates much of this first section, returns with Jewel a few days later, and the presence of buzzards over their house lets them know their mother is dead. On seeing this sign, Darl sardonically reassures Jewel, who is widely perceived as ungrateful and uncaring, that he can be sure his beloved horse is not dead.

Cash, who has broken his leg on a job site, helps the family lift the unbalanced coffin, but it is Jewel who ends up manhandling it, almost single-handedly, into the wagon. Due to severe flooding, the main bridges leading over the local river have been flooded or washed away, and the Bundrens are forced to turn around and attempt a river-crossing over a makeshift ford.

Vernon Tull sees the wreck, and helps Jewel rescue the coffin and the wagon from the river.Anse Bundren is a very interesting character so there are many things you could say about him in an essay.

anse bundren essay help

Given the complexity and the ambiguity of the novel. Essay about William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" - In As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner uses the characters Anse and Cash, and a motif/symbol in "My mother is a fish," to reveal the psychological and societal problems of the twenties and thirties.

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Anse bundren essay help

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Essay Anse Bundren is one of the most exceptional characters in "As I Lay Dying". He was the husband of Addie Bunden.

In the Story, he portrayed himself as being a very selfish individual. During his journey to the burial site of his wife, he always was worrying about his well being before the family"s well being. Of course, according to Anse, the ends justify the means: they have to get Addie to Jefferson to honor her last wishes.

Does this sound like the Anse Bundren we know and dislike? Exactly. Throughout the novel, we suspect that Anse has ulterior motives for traveling to Jefferson, starting with the moment that Addie dies and he’s all, "At last!

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